You can get to know me a little bit here 🙂

My name is Jakub, I'm 21 years old

And my dream is to create something big and unique for people and the society.

But let's begin from the start..

Me and my sister being 6 years old 🤔


I've always been striving to discover what is new and unknown, new people, new places. It's strange that I was already browsing the world of torrents from my family computer.


At the age of 12, as a hobby, I was playing with Android software where, while at school, I connected to the school network and used the wifikill application to block my friends' Internet connection.

I started learning video editing and photoshop by making amateur videos on YouTube.

15 years old

I set up my own website which is still available on the Internet today ⤵


16 years old


Starting another school year at the age of 16, my English teacher made me realize why the English language is so important. She said that with it, we can communicate with everyone, travel, and that it is the future. On that same day, I began my learning journey."

Starting with jotting down words in a notebook that I didn't know.

And since I didn't know much, the notebook quickly started filling up. A bit of time passed, and over just over 3 years, I learned English by writing down over 10,000 translated words and sentences in 4 notebooks.

Thanks to this, as the youngest student, I could participate in the first Erasmus+ project at our school.

17 years old

I was involved in creating websites based on the WordPress system. I created a blog called with a philosophical theme. On the blog, I also discussed topics related to personal development.

I also designed a website for a local hair salon and for a school Erasmus+ project.


18 years old

At the age of 18, I got my driving license and passed exams to become a lifeguard. I worked seasonally at one of the largest and most frequently visited supervised lake in the Lubusz Voivodeship, in Łochowice.

This job mainly provided me with a sense of satisfaction from working with people


19 years old

At the age of 19, during the school year, I started online selling on the Allegro platform. As the store gained traction, I decided to establish my first business. I sold products using a dropshipping model, often earning a 150% profit margin on items.

Additionally, I took on a job at a local pizzeria, sometimes leaving the last classes early to go to work

I was driving this car at pizzeria⤵


That was my daily income in PLN, ⤵


Facebook FanPage

In the meantime, I created a Facebook FanPage called 'Lubsko Dawniej a dziś' (Lubsko Then and Now) for my hometown, Lubsko. On the page, I posted comparisons of how the same places in the city had changed over the years.

I restored old pre-war photographs, colored them, and ultimately created a side-by-side comparison with a contemporary photo.

If you visit the FanPage, you can find these comparisons.

"I also started a group for the residents of the city called 'Wspomnienia z Lubska i okolic' (Memories from Lubsko and Surroundings).

Unfortunately, I lost access to the page that had gathered 3 thousand likes. As of today, the group has amassed over 5 thousand members.

We are in 2024 now


It's been a year since I became a real estate agent in Krakow.

It's an incredibly specific market, and I've learned a lot about cold calling, negotiations, time management, and lead conversations.

However, I feel that It is limiting me in creative thinking, I see no long term perspectives and I can not fully fulfil myself, It is just working.

I told myself that I will never work in my whole life, since when you do what you enjoy, what is your passion, you are not working. But I will make a blog post soon about this..
I need a new path in my life. I've decided to finally strive to do what I love.

This is how I found MioFrame 🙂

More details of the story soon..



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